Work Samples



Rapid Rubbish Removal Gets Rubbish Removed (from its website)



Using a free WordPress theme called Zerif, I overhauled this small-business website for a friend. I rewrote the site’s content and made the site seamless and fresh. See for yourself, right here. Status: Ongoing.


Style Guide For Good Writing

One of my favourite projects of all times: a quick, snappy guide of 17 pages for bureaucrats who want to write more effectively. Whether such a creature exists is up for debate, but I enjoyed writing the content. Created for Industry Canada’s Ontario Region offices. Distributed in hard copy and uploaded to intranet. Click here to download. PDF. Quick Style Guide: A quick guide to avoiding common business writing pitfalls 

Don’t Be A Jack

Snappy prose is my specialty. This article on http://www.studyincanada.com is still one of my favourite examples. Advice for Co-op Students


14 Million Readers Can’t be Wrong

I was tasked with writing a series of articles for Small Business Week back in 2008. They were a real hit, being picked up all over Canada. The series generated an unheard of 14 million+ impressions in the month of publication. Meeting the Challenges of a Family Business

Selected Portfolio Items

These aren’t available for download but it gives an idea of how much writing I have done on a professional basis:

The Ottawa Citizen
Article: Industry Associations: Setting Standards for Consumer Safety
Article: Protecting Intellectual Property for Canada’s Prosperity
February 15, 2002

The Low Down to Hull and Back News, Wakefield, Quebec
Feature: Gatineau’s Underwater Loggers
January 2001

The West Quebec Post,Aylmer, Quebec
News article: Mayor Charbonneau’s Lousy Night
January 2001

The Low Down to Hull and Back News, Wakefield, Quebec
Feature: Just Your Average Teen Fighting Cancer
Article: Chelsea Gallery:  New Gallery in an Old Town
Feature: TransCanada Trail: I’ll Take the Low Road
Feature: Sculptor Gives Pearson Monument Second Shot
Article: The Legend of the Black Sheep Inn
Article: Folk Legend Eric Anderson at the Black Sheep Inn
Article: Spazz Rocker back at the Black Sheep with Tom Green Sidekick
Article: Finest Kind at the Black Sheep Inn
Article: Learning to Canoe with Becky Mason a Visual Treat

UMM “Urban Male Magazine”, Ottawa, Ontario
Feature: Canada’s Street Angels
January 1999

UMM “Urban Male Magazine” , Ottawa, Ontario
Feature: The Rape of East Timor
October 1998

Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Ontario
Article: Getting Through that First Year U
Article: Downloading School Supplies in the Information Age
August 25, 1998

Metro Entertainment Weekly, Ottawa, Ontario
Food Column:  Memories of Chinatown
Food Column: Have more Baklava, Darling
Feature: Reel Club Drags out Queens for Oscar Night
March 1998

Feature: Take Our Celebrities, Please!
Feature: Fundraiser a Funky Bash
Food Column: Empire Grill: Sophisticated Grill for the Adult Palate
Food Column: Vietnamese Eatery a Charmer
Food Column: Old Chelsea’s Pastry Treats
Food Column: Passover, the Mother of All Feasts
Article: The Parc Studio: Get out of the Garage and Into the Groove
Article: Ottawa Woman Fights to Fight Fires
Article: Opera Lyra Fundraiser
Article: Tom Green Assaults Journalist with Shaving Cream
April 1998

Feature: Takin’ It Easy with Terri Clark
Feature: Wade Hayes, portrait of a cowboy
Arts column: Lakshimi Mendi Studio
May 1998

Ottawa XPress Weekly, Ottawa, Ontario:
News Feature:  Behind the Kindly Image: Sally Anne Workers Speak Out
September 11, 1997
News article: Salvation Army Strike: Can we handle it?
October 9, 1997

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