About Stephanie Regan

Stephanie Regan, Creative Copywriter

Grants and awards:

February 2011: Ontario Arts Council Grant for a work-in-progress — $12,000
January 2008:  Writer’s Trust Scholarship — $1000
Spring 1995: Carleton University Short Story Contest — Third Prize
November 1983: Royal Canadian Legion Literary Competition — First Prize (Local), Second Prize and Third Prize (Provincial).

Nice Things Famous Writers Have Said To Me:

“I read the submission and felt it was first-rate. The great thing about
it is, even though its written in a light style, and seems from time to
time whimsical and let’s say “frothy,” the characters have great depth
and verisimilitude. Your characters leap off the page. I think you have a good hold of the material and can ride the bronco until the buzzer sounds.” -Paul Quarrington (Author of “Whale Music” and “King Leary”)

“This is very, very good. Your characters are incredibly real. If you don’t keep writing, I’ll be very disappointed.” -Bruce Jay Friedman (screenwriter, novelist, journalist).

Formal training / education

2014 Social Media for Entrepreneurs
2009 Government Communications for Communications Professionals
2008 Certificate in Creative Writing (Humber College)
2005 Humber Summer Writer’s Workshop (Humber College)
2000 Special Events Management (Algonquin College)
1997 Bachelors of Arts, Mass Communication (Carleton University)

A Little Bio

I’ve tried a lot of things but writing is what I do best. Creative writing, advertising, marketing, internal communications, web content, to name a few. If you need someone who can help take a complicated idea and make it easy to understand, I can help.

I’ve been writing since I stapled together little books about kids and squirrels in the second grade.

My first paid writing job was as Listings Editor for the Ottawa X Press Weekly. My section was 12 pages, and by far the most popular section of the paper.

From there I landed my first full-time job at a new entertainment weekly called Metro.  I was the Listings Editor and a staff writer. I had a food column; I wrote features and articles of all kinds. I was in love.

Metro folded after just six months and I was heartbroken, but I kept at it. I copy-edited a new glossy magazine being launched that summer called  Urban Male.  I was mortified when the issue came off the press with a bleached and siliconed porn-star on its cover, but I needed the work so I copy-edited their second issue as well. With no professional writers on staff, it was grueling work. I quit UMM after the second issue, when the publisher’s cheque bounced.

I decided to take a course in Events Management at Algonquin College.

With my new certificate in Special Events, I went to work as media liaison for the Ottawa International Jazz Festival for a season.

From there I landed my first full-time real job, in the stable, nine-to-five world of federal government communications. I spend six years at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as a webmaster and content writer.

In 2012 I took a huge risk and left the federal government and opened a consignment store. Opening my own business was an incredible experience. From 2012 to 2016 I worked harder than I ever thought I could work. I learned more than I ever thought I could know

But I still just want to write.

Some other neat things I’ve done

I’m a well-rounded woman of the world, which informs my writing. I love to try new things. I love to learn.

I used to sing in a blues-rock band called The Red Marilyns. We were damn good and I miss it so much I can’t even talk about it.

I’ve been to Australia, where I worked on an outback cattle ranch and got my SCUBA license; I’ve been to Nigeria, where I saw elephants from the back of a safari truck; Fiji, London, Amsterdam, across much of Canada and the U.S., including New Orleans, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Miami, Texas, and Los Angeles.

I once walked across the border from Laredo, Texas, to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  In 2007 I got restless so I drove to Vancouver. That same year I took a train from Vancouver to Los Angeles. My second book will be about that restless time in my life and all the adventures I had.

I live quietly and thoughtfully in Whitby with my husband, Larry Louisy.

One thought on “About Stephanie Regan

  1. hello stephanie!
    its me ty martin the person who’s llife was changed after meetng you and excepting your love when i was on ottawa..SINCE THEN I HAVE GONE ON TO BECOME ONE OF AMERICAS PREMIER PLAYWRIGHTS…IM IN ATLANTA GA

    playwrite ty martin/facebook
    i still love you

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