Work Samples

Content Marketing

Everyone seems to be publishing a blog these days. Blog posts — which are also called “content marketing” are one way to make sure your organization is found by Google. Blog posts are great to work with because they can be formal or fun, and can be written in your organization’s voice. The best part is, you can pay someone else to do it for you!


Entrepreneurs, Don’t Go It Alone


What No One Told You About Running a Business



Regular newsletters can keep your product or service top of mind. A good newsletter is friendly, interesting and offers something useful to your subscribers. It conveys some of your organization’s personality at the same time.


A clean, bright new website for Ellis Business Solutions/Officium Partners

Ellis Business Solutions in Ottawa needed a new website and content.


Fundraising Letter: Oldingham Animal Shelter


 I did my damndest to break hearts with this fundraising letter about sad, sick animals being euthanized.

Open at your own risk: Oldingham Animal Shelter

Radio Ads Increased Traffic Exponentially


Radio ads on CKDO worked wonders for Plush Consignments. Traffic to the store increased exponentially, overnight. Listen to one of them here:

Financial Advisors Need Love Too



Edward Jones Financial Advisors are usually too busy meeting with clients and watching the stock market to think about marketing. I’m working with some local Edward Jones advisors to help them get the word out. Don’t let the formal pics fool you. They’re the most down-to-earth, approachable folks around. This is Durham, after all.

Meet Paul Marche, Edward Jones Investments Ajax. He’s now on LinkedIn, too!


 Meet Susan Lepp, Edward Jones Pickering. Sue is now on LinkedIn and has a Facebook business page too .

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 Long Form Articles

Do you need a ghost writer? There are all kinds of reasons to hire a writer. Small business or big business — it’s all about content.  Whether it’s a website, e-book, brochure, advertorial or media release, for best results, hire a professional.

Underwater Loggers of Chelsea, Quebec



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